07 April 2011


menurut matematika sin²α+cos²α=1----> identitas trigonometri kelas 10
so this is it!

jika kamu adalah sin²α dan aku cos²α maka kita adalah 1

aaaaa suka banget sama gombalan ini ♥♥♥

05 April 2011

the differences between JHS and SHS

SMP : "Hah?Remedial?!TIDAK!!!*koprol di tengah jalan tol*"
SMA : "Remedial?ooh~"
Can you see the dfferences? That's the reason why i love my Senior High School. And how much I miss my Junior High School.
People at SHS more simple than JHS. But in JHS you'll get more-care-friends than in SHS.
And the problem now, is, I love my schools very very very salim *ups salah*,ekhem very much